Expert Tea and Chocolate Pairings for Easter: Tips from Tea Forté's Master Blender

A cup of tea next to a box of chocolate pieces sitting on a table. Celebrating Easter, Easter gifts and chocolate

Easter is the perfect time to indulge in the simple pleasures of life, like tea and chocolate. Tea Forté's award-winning tea sommelier and master blender, Piotr Miga, has shared expert insights on how to pair fine chocolate and tea for a memorable multisensory experience that's perfect for the chocolate season.

Whether you're looking for a classic pairing or an unexpected flavour combination, there are many ways to enjoy tea and chocolate. Some great combinations of kindred profiles to try include a mint tea with a mint chocolate, a matcha-dusted chocolate with a cup of green tea (matcha or sencha), or an amaretto tea with a hazelnut-filled chocolate.

 Chocolate and raspberries

For milk chocolate lovers, a black tea blend of your choice enhanced with a splash of milk is a great option. If you prefer dark chocolate, consider pairing it with a bold breakfast blend or a flavourful berry tea.

For an Easter-themed pairing that balances tension and flavour, try pairing spiced chocolate with dried fruit alongside Tea Forté's Citrus mint tea. The spiced chocolate's combination of dried fruits and hearty aromatics can play beautifully off of the delicate summer tea's sencha leaves and natural sweetness, resulting in an unexpected and delectable depth of complexity.

Finally, for an Easter-inspired pairing that's both delicious and unexpected, try pairing a sweet white chocolate with Tea Forté's Chamomile citron tisane. The bright, citrusy herbal tea complements the simple flavour profile of the white chocolate perfectly, resulting in a delightful array of flavours and textures that dance perfectly with one another.

With these expert tea and chocolate pairing tips, you're sure to create an Easter sensory experience that's greater than the sum of its parts.

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